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Precision Hockey Training offers a progressive and engaging environment in all of our athletic performance programs.

We offer personal 1-on-1 training, group training, and team training. PHT has a unique approach - we ensure every player

has the tools they need to get better to ensure they are making progress and improving as they train. Every session is

logged, tracked, and players are provided with feedback during each session and after completion of the program. Our main

goal is for every player to get even 1% better than they were before they walked in. Our athletic performance programs are

not just for hockey players, but for athletes of other sports as well as anyone looking to increase their athleticism. These

programs are also great for kids who aren't into sports, but want to learn to train the proper way.

One of the best features of our athletic performance programs are that they cover every area of athletic development. Movement quality, mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, speed, power, strength, and conditioning. All program are progressively more challenging once the basics have been mastered. All of our strength coaches are trained to work with athletes of all ages and training experiences. This allows us to individualize an athletes program within a group due to possible physical limitations, injuries, etc.


We invite you to come in for a free assessment to see if one of our programs is right for you!

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