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Impact athletes to have success in all areas of life.

Precision Hockey Training opened its doors on November 23, 2019. PHT was created to provide a sustainable, long-term solution for hockey players of all skill levels looking improve their performance on and off the ice.

The cost of private coaches, renting ice, personal trainers, and renting space all contribute to the difficulties for players looking to find a way to improve their game outside of what they can do themselves at home.

PHT is a private, hockey specific training facility. We have an environment that allows us to accommodate individual players, groups, and full teams. Whether your plan includes hockey skill development, athletic performance, or a combination of the two, we provide a variety of option to meet the needs of anyone who walks through our doors. This process gives us the best opportunity to create plans to get results for all of our players to improve their in-game performance.

We are huge advocates of developing progressive programs and consistent training habits to ensure the highest chance of success. Being consistent could mean training multiple times per week or it could mean only training once every couple of weeks. Consistency is what matters. An average program performed consistently is better than the best program done inconsistently. Long-term consistent training will always beat out short-term training. Through our training plan we develop during initial assessment, we consistently build and progress each session to promote long-term growth. Our ultimate goal is to achieve small, short-term goals that over time lead to achieving large, long-term goals.

Your ability to learn, grow, and develop as an athlete should not be viewed as a finish line. It's important to celebrate the achievement of goals, but it's equally important to set new goals and develop a lifestyle where you are constantly developing new skills. The more skills you learn and the more you can learn to apply those skills to real life, the more you will grow as a person. Inspiring individuals to approach everything with a growth mindset and understanding that they can achieve anything they go after with the right plan, hard work, and consistent action is our mission at Precision Hockey Training.

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